Untitled Miriam Böhm



To Miriam Böhm (Germany 1972), a photograph is not just an end result, but can also be an integral part of the work of as an object. Photography is not just about photography, but about how we look at photography. In its lack of associative power, Böhm´s imaginery is almost anti-referential. She literally constructs a context and condition for images to be physically experienced.

Printing and reprinting is at the core of Böhm´s process and the conceptual anchor of her aesthetic project. It becomes a counterpoint to the widespread rematerialization of our experience of images to screen spaces. In the context of digitization, an insistence on the print risks becoming a nostalgic exploration of the loss ushered in by the rapid cycling of technology and obsolescence. For Böhm, a rich material relationship with photography and the physicality of the print becomes a way to focus the viewer´s attention on viewing itself.

Matthew Thompson