The Echo of Flowers Jorge Galindo


We are in the presence of a poetic of excess, pourings, fluids, blots, footprints. He loves the physical sensuality of painting, his ability to mix, combine, coagulate, bleed, and make different elements flow at once.

Kevin Power, “Sewing it all Up”, 1994


In this exhibition, Jorge Galindo (Madrid, 1965) presents large format paintings from his series “The Echo of Flowers”, produced in spring 2020, during the first confinement period of the pandemic.

Although accustomed to large formats, on this occasion he approaches the canvas in a more violent and extremely gestural way, where the vestiges of action shape poetic gesture, the experience of marks as violence and as the remnants of a pictorial event.

In this exhibition, Galindo uses flowers as the central element around which he articulates the gestures and vitality that characterize his work. Vibrant, colorful and luminous flowers, whose essence – their scent – is paint. In the words of Ramón Gómez de la Serna, “Perfume is the echo of flowers”. Galindo represents the classic theme of still life at a monumental scale, bordering abstraction. According to the artist, painting flowers is a celebration of life at a difficult time, a steadfast defense of the pleasure of painting, and a form of absolute freedom.