Hermética Madrid Ángela de la Cruz


I have been thinking about a space that is both protecting and imprisoning, just the way our homes felt during the lockdown. Hermética Madrid is about those spaces in tension between what is sealed, safe, controlled and the outside. Some of the works have been cut through; others have slightly expanded out of shape. I wanted these works to feel like they are lived in. Like all of us going through the pandemic, we are still the same, but we have changed, we are a bit damaged.

This show is sequel to Hermetic an exhibition made for Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm at the end of 2021. Hermética Madrid takes this idea further and plays with different colors, such as black, I very seldom use black color. Even though black represents all the colors together. I wanted the black to be as kinky, as possible. I am also experimental with focused light and how it reflects the paint, I am making everything look luxurious and sexy. This also controls the gaze.