LOT Elmgreen & Dragset



Galería Helga de Alvear is pleased to present Lot, an exhibition of two new installations by Elmgreen & Dragset. The artist duo’s latest take on the contemporary art world transforms the gallery’s two rooms into an art auction and a storage space. Visual and audio modifications enhance visitors’ perceptions of each space, resulting in two very different experiences.

Lot is the most recent exhibition by Elmgreen & Dragset to transform an existing art space into an altogether different environment, with a function other than the normal presentation of art. In previous projects like Please, keep quiet! (2003), the artists turned an exhibition room at the SMK–National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen into a sterile hospital ward that is now part of the museum’s permanent collection. The Welfare Show at London’s Serpentine Gallery (2006), among other venues, consisted of a whole series of institutional corridors, waiting rooms and administrative spaces, with varying iterations. In 2009 the artist duo redesigned the Danish and Norwegian pavilions at the 53rd Venice Biennale as the homes of wealthy art collectors with their acclaimed exhibition The Collectors, and in 2013 they changed the Victoria and Albert Museum’s former textile galleries into the grand family home of a disillusioned, elderly architect with the exhibition Tomorrow.

In their current show Aéroport Mille Plateaux, Elmgreen & Dragset have transformed Samsung Museum’s PLATEAU in Seoul into a dysfunctional airport (on view until October 18, 2015). Upcoming projects include a solo exhibition at the UCCA in Beijing, opening in January 2016.