Thin Places M+M


In the exhibition “Thin Places”, the artist duo M+M deals with upheavals and crises of recent years, with pandemics and isolation, with social conflicts and personal withdrawal. The new film installations and photo series provide a partly analytical and partly surreal insight into our changing moods and fears. M+M perform a radical change of perspective, either by choosing praying mantises as film protagonists or by macroscopically penetrating the materiality of human surroundings. Places and materials that seem familiar become “thin” or permeable to other worlds.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a suggestive cinema installation with the 3D film “Club Bunker” (2023), which is now being shown for the first time worldwide at the Galería Helga de Alvear. On the upper floor, the visitor encounters a second stereoscopic film installation: “Mad Mieter” (2019).

In a bizarre way, both films seem to echo a dictum by philosopher Rosi Braidotti: “The post-anthropocentric shift away from the hierarchical relations that had privileged ‘Man’ requires a form of estrangement and a radical repositioning of the subject.”

In the large central space of the gallery, the visitor encounters two new photographic series by the German-Luxembourg artist duo. The photo series “Virendicht” (2022) is presented as a wall-filling installation.